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Refurbishment Explained

What does Refurbished Mean?

Although the word "refurbished" may conjure up not-so-reassuring images of retailers and manufacturers resurrecting defective products, lots of items fall under the "refurbished" umbrella. Sometimes a customer returns a product for a refund without even opening the box or using the item at all. There's nothing wrong with it, but the item can't be sold as new and has to be offered as a refurbished product giving you the customer a saving of anything up to 60% of the actual current sale price for a new product.

What types of Refurbishment is there?

Shipping or damage to the packaging: Minor damaging to the packing but the product is pristine. Either the courier has sent the item out and it has been knocked during transportation or in most cases when the item has been picked the packaging has been torn or dented.

Demo units: These products may have been used for trade shows, retail stores etc. In most cases the product was actually never used.

Open Box: Typically the box has been opened but the product itself has never been touched

Customer Returns: The product has been returned to a retailer and sent to a company like ourselves for a full refurbishment. The product is then tested via our diagnostic machines, parts replaced if necessary and cleaned to the highest grading we can offer. For more information our grading’s explained page

Why should I buy a Refurbished product?

Most people’s perception regarding Refurbished items is that they are faulty and dirty. But the true answer is that they are tested and cleaned to a new state. In fact more testing goes into our products than most new products they are in your local high street shops today!

How much warranty do I receive?

We offer a full 12 Months warranty giving you full assurance that we have refurbished our products to the highest standards

How long have you been Refurbishing products?

We have now been Refurbishing products such as Apple iPhones, iPads, Laptops, Desktop PC’s gaming and much much more for over 8 years. We will continue to do so to save you money as we have been for this many years

What does Brown Boxed mean?

This means that the original packaging that the product was originally in is too damaged to be re-used. So we re-box the product with professional boxes to resell the product. Every refurbished product that is packed in a Brown/White box is packaged as good as if not better than a new product would have been packaged

I am thinking about buying a Refurbished product but I am worried about the condition?

Completely understandable, in most cases we use a stock photo on our website because we sell 1000’s of Refurbished products. But we do Grade every single product we sell so it gives you the full condition state on how you will receive your product, please see our Grading Explained page for more information

Can I return a Refurbished product?

Of course you can, because the item is Refurbished it does not mean that the Law changes. For more information on our Returns procedure please view our Help and Support page.

Do you have any reviews on your Refurbishment?

Yes of course, we do not list any of our Reviews on our own website because as you know we can pick and choose what we like. So we only used third party review companies for all of our company reviews, see our reviews page for more information

Still unsure?

We are here to help, please contact us and we can answer any question you have. Our team is trained weekly, why not test us today!