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Up By Jawbone Medium Sleep and Activity Fitness Wristba...

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£9.99 (ex VAT £8.33)

Up By Jawbone Medium Sleep and Activity Fitness Wristband - Blue - Medium - Grade A+ Refurbished like new jbr06a-md-eu2

JawBone - jbr06a-md-eu2

£9.99 (ex VAT £8.33)

6 In Stock

Part No: jbr06a-md-eu2 Stock Code: 927797-077

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UP is a system, wristband + mobile app, that tracks how you sleep, move and eat so you can know yourself better, make smarter choices and feel your best.

Jawbone Wristband iPhone Screenshot

Track Your Sleep

Small and comfortable to wear all day and night, UP senses your micro-movements while you sleep and uses advanced algorithms to determine how many hours you slept, how long it took you to fall asleep, time spent in light vs. deep sleep and how many times you woke during the night.

Jawbone Wristband iPhone Screenshot

Track Your Activity

Wearing UP captures a complete picture of your day, so you don’t have to guess how active you are. UP tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and time spent active vs. idle.

Jawbone Wristband iPhone Screenshot

Track Your Food & Drink

UP’s mobile app lets you log what you eat and drink and get as detailed as you want. Take a photo of your food, scan a barcode, browse the UP image gallery or search the ingredient database. UP also helps you track calories, fats, carbohydrates, protein, sugar, fiber and sodium.

Jawbone Wristband

Gain Insight

UP simply and beautifully visualizes your information so, at a glance, you can understand the meaning behind your data. UP also delivers personalized insights and clear, actionable tips to help you achieve your goals.

Jawbone Wristband

Take Action

UP helps you set daily goals and tracks your progress over time. It also lets you set helpful alarms and reminders. You can set a Smart Alarm to silently wake you at the ideal moment in your sleep cycle to help you wake up feeling refreshed. You can also set Idle Alerts to remind you to move when you’ve been sitting too long.


Step 1: Get a string, a marker and a ruler. Wrap the string snugly around your wrist. Mark the string where the two ends cross.

Step 2: Use a ruler to measure the string from one end to the marked place. Then see the size guide to the right to determine which wristband is right for you. If you're between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size.


Jawbone Wristband Activity Icon

Sleep and Nap Tracking

Intelligently tracks hours slept, light vs. deep sleep and waking moments.

Jawbone Wristband Activity Icon

Insight Engine

Discover hidden connections and patterns in your day-to-day activities.

Jawbone Wristband Activity Icon

Water Resistant Design

Able to withstand thousands of showers, and the occasional snowball fight.

Jawbone Wristband Activity Icon

24/7 Activity Tracking

Track every move, including distance, calories burned, active time and activity intensity.

Jawbone Wristband Activity Icon

Idle Alert

Reminds you to move when you’ve been inactive for too long.

Jawbone Wristband Activity Icon

Day and Night Form Factor

Designed for comfort. Because the more you wear it, the more you’ll track.

Jawbone Wristband Activity Icon

Food & Drink Tracking

Intelligently tracks hours slept, light vs. deep sleep and waking moments.

Jawbone Wristband Activity Icon

Smart Alarm

Wake up feeling refreshed—at the right moment in your sleep cycle.

Power Nap

UP will wake you up at the optimal time (around 26.5 minutes) after you fall asleep..

Mood Tracking

Log your mood and discover connections that affect how you feel.

10-Day Battery

Track every last step (and nap) without running out of juice.

Simple Sync

No Bluetooth, no pairing, no conflicts. No problem.