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Free Essential Software for you

Yes you have read this correctly, this is an article on FREE software for your new Laptop, Desktop or Apple Device


We would recommend that this is your first installation on your new Laptop or Desktop PC as the Web is now a very big place, but also very vulnerable to viruses. These will essentially slow your computer down and most importantly steal data from your device.

Web Browser

One of the most used programs on your device is going to be the internet so using a good, quick web browser is important. Google Chrome is available for Laptop, phone and tablet

Office Software

No one likes doing homework, coursework etc but I am afraid it has to be done. We recommend two pieces of software for all your office needs, spreadsheets, presentations, word documents

Media Players

We all like watching movies, TV shows but not all programs support certain files. VLC is a great Media Player that will play 95% of your files

New Apple Device?

Have you just purchased an iPhone, iPod or iPads? iTunes is a Free download to manage all your photos, music and much more

Feel free to contact us at any point if you wish to receive any more advice