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Check out this unique Lego Gaming PC that’s looks unbelievable!

Published 05/04/2016 16:57:31 by ADMIN

When you first see the Lego PC you just think how unbelievable it is and how someone had to be incredibly creativity to do it considering how difficult it must have been to accomplish. What’s more to back that point up of how difficult it must have been it took around 2,280 LEGO pieces to construct according to the creator Mike Schropp, and when it comes to size it stands at 19-inches tall by 14-inches wide and deep. But one of the things I was thinking about was what about strength and case being sturdy, well fear not says the creator as the case won’t fall apart as it has overlapping bricks and plates, along with beams and supports to add stiffness.


Apple planning to hold March 2016 event to launch the Apple Watch 2, iPhone 6c and iPad Air 3!

Published 09/02/2016 16:21:35 by ADMIN

According to rumours Apple will hold its next product launch event in March next month, where many are suggesting they will announce at least 3 new products: the Apple Watch 2, the iPad Air 3 as well as a new, updated iPhone 6c. In terms of a date for the event the current consensus amongst everyone is the 15th March 2016 but this isn’t confirmed by anyone, but let’s go through in more detail what we do know.


What to expect from Apple’s imminent September 9th Event!

Published 02/09/2015 16:01:33 by ADMIN

At the September 9th event Apple are expected to unveil a few new things like a new pair of smartphones the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, as well as a reported new, updated Apple TV device, and potentially a new iPad and iOS, but let’s go through in more detail what we should expect.


Check Out the Most Important Announcements from Apple WWDC 2015

Published 11/06/2015 16:14:22 by ADMIN

This year’s Apple WWDC was highly anticipated with so many rumours about possible new Apple products and updates, so let’s go through what was revealed. Firstly let’s meet Apple’s new operating system X El Capitan which is the tweaking of Apple’s current operating system, improving the overall performance rather than redesigning the whole interface. For example Safari now allows you to pin sites so they'll load instantly from the landing pages, furthermore alongside this safari now allows you to mute audio in tabs without entering specific pages. There’s also improved windows management which means you can automatically split your screen between apps and store multiple desktop layouts in a navigation bar on top.


What to expect from the New Apple MacBook

Published 22/04/2015 15:07:35 by ADMIN

Apple have recently unveiled and launched its all-new 12-inch MacBook for 2015 which they simply called MacBook, but what can we expect? Well according to Apple it’s the notebook redefined and it certainly backs that up with lightness, as it’s incredibly thin and doesn’t weigh an awful lot. Furthermore even though this MacBook seems to be a lot about style it definitely packs a punch and comes with some pretty impressive specs.


Pre-Order your Apple Watch Today

Published 10/04/2015 14:43:47 by ADMIN

Like we’ve mentioned before we’ve all been overloaded with the news that Apple are releasing their own Watch, but today we can now actually pre-order one which is definitely exciting news. The only problem is most of the first batch of Apple Watches have been sold out with only selected models available to buy. If you were looking to get any of the Apple Sport Watch range then I’m afraid if you order it now you’ll have to wait over 2 months, as expected delivery won’t be until June time unfortunately with pre-orders selling immensely quick.


What can we expect from the Apple Watch?

Published 31/03/2015 16:02:38 by ADMIN

We’ve all been overloaded with the news that apple are releasing their own Watch so what’s all the fuss about, what can we Apple Watchactually expect from it. Apple have said that it brings an entirely new way to receive information at a glance and interact with the world via apps designed specifically for the wrist. The Apple Watch enables people to easily access information that matters to them, to interact with the world and live a better day by being more aware of their daily activity than ever before.


Larger iPad Rumour Returns with a “September” Production Date

Published 05/03/2015 14:24:23 by ADMIN

At the start of this year we heard rumours about a new iPad Pro when images leaked from the factory floor in Apple’s go-to Foxconn plant which suggested that production was underway. It put them on track for release around June 2015, the image also showed that the new iPad looked bigger around 12.2 inches and aimed at business users.


Apple Moving into Virtual Reality?

Published 19/02/2015 11:58:27 by ADMIN

It is looking more and more like virtual reality is going to be the way forward and it seems that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon – even Apple. The tech giant has just been awarded a patent for its own virtual reality headset, one that is designed to be powered by the iPhone.


What to expect from the Apple event next week

Published 10/10/2014 10:17:02 by ADMIN

Apple Event InvitationApple has sent out its invitations for an event next Thursday (16th) for a new product launch with the invites reading ‘it’s been way too long’. The event is likely to see the introduction of new iPads including the iPad Air model as well other announcements.


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