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Top Six Student Apps for the iPad

The iPad is a great education tool for any student as you can use it to do coursework and find out what time your next classes are. With the best apps, you can be top of the class in no time. The majority of the apps will cost less than a pint of beer but will increase your efficiency by loads and save you hours of time.

Here is our top 6 apps that we think students should have for their iPad:

CourseNotes App for the iPadCourseNotes

CourseNotes is an app that will organise your notes together as you can use the iPad to create sketches or ToDo list. You can review notes at any time of the day or night and by using the powerful search function, you can search for specific notes on a subject. In addition, you can share your notes via email or Facebook, ideal for those who may have missed any classes.

Link: CourseNotes - iTunes

Price: $4.99


iStudiez Pro

Studiez Pro is a timetable management app that allows you to enter the time of your lectures and will schedule your timetable accordingly for the next term. The app will alert as to when your next lecture is and when an assignment deadline is approaching.

Link: iStudiez Pro

Price: $2.99


Pomodoro for iPad

For students that may not heard of the Pomodoro Technique, it works by you working in intervals of 25 minutes with a 5 minute break in-between. This app is ideal for students who are easily distracted when working at a computer. The app carries out all the timing aspects for you and it has a great user interface combine with a task list as well.

Link: Pomodoro - iTunes

Price: $5.99

-------------------------------------- for iPad

Paperback version of dictionaries can be heavy to carry around. Therefore, what not have a dictionary that you can click through at a touch of a button. This app does not even require a connection to the internet in order to work, which is great when you do not have access to Wi-Fi. Multi-tasking is a key feature of this app as you can easily type in a word and get its definition straight away.

Link: - iTunes

Price: FREE



Inkling is must have app for any student as it will allow you to download a text to the iPad and then make annotations such as highlighting key parts of the text, make and share notes with friends. Download a textbook to the iPad makes it easy to study whilst on the move. One the unique feature of this app is that you can download single chapters from books.

Link: Inkling - iTunes

Price: FREE



Dropbox is an app that any student should have as it allows you to put all your student work into Dropbox and thus you have a secure backup of all your documents. This will be useful when you are writing long essays.

Link: Dropbox - iTunes

Price: FREE

Published on Monday 26 September 2011 @ 14:33:09 by ADMIN

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