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Check out this unique Lego Gaming PC that’s looks unbelievable!

5th April 2016

When you first see the Lego PC you just think how unbelievable it is and how someone had to be incredibly creativity to do it considering how difficult it must have been to accomplish. What’s more to back that point up of how difficult it must have been it took around 2,280 LEGO pieces to construct according to the creator Mike Schropp, and when it comes to size it stands at 19-inches tall by 14-inches wide and deep. But one of the things I was thinking about was what about strength and case being sturdy, well fear not says the creator as the case won’t fall apart as it has overlapping bricks and plates, along with beams and supports to add stiffness.

Going more into design the Lego gaming PC has a distinct X-shaped finish, which consists of three different sections. First of all, in the centre of the Lego PC case is the Harddrive and Motherboard, and then on top are a trio of cooling fans, which are there for a stream of air to flow over the entire motherboard surface. Next up on the right side of gaming PC is a section that’s dedicated exclusively to the CPU cooling. Finally the left side is the section that houses the power supply, and it shows you why the Lego gaming PC is unique as the power supply gets its own dedicated air intake, built directly above the PSU. At this point you’re probably thinking what about the graphics card? Well don’t worry that’s mounted on top of the motherboard with a PCIe adapter plate, and due to the Lego PC having a Noctua tower cooler the graphics card runs at 48 degrees Celsius.

Speaking of when it comes to spec the Lego PC is powered by a quad-core 4GHz Intel Skylake Core i7 and can come with a Asus Z170 ATX gaming motherboard fitted to give it real power. What’s more to give it outrageous graphics it includes an Nvidia GTX 980 TI graphics card, and has 16GB of HyperX Fury DDR4, and a Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD as the primary storage.

To finish, the Lego gaming PC is an unbelievable concept bought to reality and with some of its components can rival a lot of high powered gaming PC’s, but what will the general public think of it is the question, and would they buy one?

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