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Apple elaborates on in-app purchases

Published 24/06/2013 12:00:22 by ADMIN

Apple-Logo-ImageApple yesterday began notifying parents, that had children who had unknowingly amassed large bills through the use of in-app purchasing on the App Store, that they will be compensated for the money they have lost.

In an email sent by Apples “In-App Purchase Litigation Administrator” it was stated that about 23 million people that are a part of a class-action lawsuit can apply for this compensation. The parents affected by this have until January 13, 2014 to claim a $5 iTunes gift card for charges less than $30. The maximum compensation that parents can receive is the total amount charged during “a single 45-day period” without their permission being given.


Refurbished iPads buyers guide

Published 07/06/2013 10:47:36 by ADMIN

iPads are touchscreen tablet devices that are the best products in the world for experiencing the web. They allow you to look through photos, watch videos and play games and do all of this while on the move with your device.

We have created this handy buyers guide to inform you what the difference is between all generations of iPads, whether you should buy new or refurbished and also what are must have apps to installed on your iPad.

Refurbished vs New


Student Computers will be stocking the Sony BDP-S185 Blu-Ray player

Published 06/06/2013 10:37:24 by ADMIN

Sony-BDP-S185-Blu-Ray-Player-ImageStudent Computers will be announcing the Sony BDP-S185 Blu-Ray player as an available to purchase product soon. This refurbished product will be a great buy for anyone looking for a device that lets them enjoy Full HD Blu-ray movies from the comfort of your own home.

The Sony BDP-S185 gives you the ultimate HD movie experience as this Blu-ray player allows you to connect to the internet through the Ethernet port letting you access streaming services like Netflix, YouTube and Pandora. It even has a feature that lets you share your personal videos directly on Facebook and Twitter.


New Xbox One Controller, will last for a decade

Published 30/05/2013 10:17:07 by ADMIN

Xbox-One-Controller-imageThe new Xbox One is now one of the most highly sought after devices on the market today, this new console comes with a revamped controller that has been put through its paces. It has been designed to last for at least a decade of rigorous use, in order to make sure that the quality of this console is only of the highest grade.

This controller has been tested by Microsoft’s accessories and hardware manager Bob Brown who has stated the buttons on the controller were pressed “over and over, between 4-5 times a second." This works out that the chosen controllers received 2 million button presses each.


Cheaper ‘iPad Mini’ universally expected

Published 29/05/2013 12:29:23 by ADMIN

As the iPad Mini has become the cheapest of Apple tablet products at its standard price of $329, Apple are now expected to decrease the price further. This is according to Citi’s Glen Young who has stated “Apple will be shifting towards more inexpensive products”. He also added “And with our expectation of a low-end iPhone slated for September launch, followed by a sub-£250 iPad Mini, we expect this trend to persist."

There has been a lot of recent speculation about Apple releasing new cheaper devices, but the iPad Mini has not really been mentioned until now. The new speculation is that we will see a £250 iPad mini coming soon.


New Gmail update for iOS

Published 07/05/2013 11:42:15 by ADMIN

Google have recently updated their Gmail app on iOS and added all new features including any links that come through Gmail open to the corresponding Google app, if you have previously installed that app. This is highlighted by the fact that if you get a link to YouTube, the new feature skips over Safari and in favour of any apps created by Google.

This has been a major step forward for Google, as they now have Apple's permission to push their own browser ahead of their competition. Google and several other iOS app makers have been calling for this for a long time. The only reason Google have now being allowed to do this is that they have incorporated a feature in Gmail that lets users turn off this feature.


Student Computers are now stocking Beats by Dr.Dre

Published 26/04/2013 10:00:37 by ADMIN

Student Computers are pleased to announce that they now have a wide range of Beats by Dr.Dre in stock. These products are amongst the best grade headphones you can buy today; these headphones play clear, sharp sound so you can listen to your favourite tracks in only the highest possible quality.

These headphones feature an advanced driver design for perfect audio clarity and they come with large speaker drivers that give you super deep bass. These headphones come with spacious earcups that not only give you the ultimate listening comfort but they also cancel out any surrounding noises to let you listen to your music in peace.


Chinese hackers get around none jail broken iPhones by creating app store

Published 23/04/2013 10:08:44 by ADMIN

Chinese hackers have created a way to get around the requirement to jailbreak an iPhone before you are able to download pirated apps; they have created a new app store. This store has geolocation embedded into it though, so only Chinese users will be able to access it, none Chinese users are either blocked or redirected.


Samsungs newest smartphone could be made of metal

Published 22/04/2013 10:02:49 by ADMIN

Samsung has recently become increasingly concerned that the build quality of their rival’s devices is making their own devices (specifically the Galaxy phones) look cheap. The point Samsung are looking at is whether the plastic cases of their current devices could be improved by changing them to metal (like the new iPhone and HTC One).

All of the information that Samsung's has gathered has suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could be metal or another high quality substance, but it will crucially not be made of plastic. The Galaxy S4 was originally supposed to have a metal case but mass-producing the metal phones influenced the choice to stick with plastic.


iPad 5 thinner and lighter

Published 19/04/2013 10:23:52 by ADMIN

The newest iPad released by Apple will be both thinner and lighter than its predecessor, taking Apple back to its previous method of making the new device weigh significantly less than the previous iPad. This new information comes from KGI Securities Mingchi Kuo who has stated “You should expect a full-size iPad that's 15 percent thinner than the fourth-generation device and weighs 25 percent less”.


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